14 Kasım 2018 Çarşamba


Departments of Graphic aims to train qualified artists and designers who have the capacity to lead the aesthetic taste of society by keeping up with the technological and social improvements which are the basic need of contemporary education with the principle of qualified training and academicians since 1994 the year in which the faculty was founded.

Main aim of this department is to ensure that the students in this department create products combining visual communication and aesthetic norms in the changing world with the fast developing communication trends.

In the Department of Graphic the process of training starts with the course Introduction to the Fine Arts. It has been our main principle to train a qualified graphics artist candidate and modern graphic designer by contributing to process of higher education through the courses: Introduction to the Graphics, Typographic Design, Press Graphics, Industrial Graphics, Commercial Graphics, Computer Graphics, Advertising and Public Relations, Photography, Introduction to Multimedia and Web Design, Typography, Commercial Photography, Portfolio, History of Graphics and Arts, Aesthetics, Art Philosophy.