21 Kasım 2018 Çarşamba

Suleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Fine Arts, which depends on the Traditional Turkish Arts Department has started training and education in 1994-1995. The department have three art branches in both morning and evening education: Carpet, Rug and Old Fabric Designs, Illuminations and Old Tile Repairs. Students in our department, alongside theoretical knowledge, are equipped with the practical training. Successful undergraduate students may attend double-major programme for a second bachelor’s degree or a minor programme which they are intrested in, while 4 years of training period. Students of the faculty can participate Erasmus programme, negotiated with the Czech Republic, Spain, France, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia 16 different universities in undergraduate, graduate and artistic adequency education. The students who are successful in undergraduate programs can participate Farabi program, an exchange programme with an inland university and also they can participate Mevlana exchange programme which is irrespective of any geographical area of all over the world. Our students can take a part of a wide variety of student clubs, as well as our department of Marbling (Ebru) for graduates who want to work in the academic field and to educate Traditional Arts experts, Traditional Turkish Arts Department provides master’s degree programme and the department of art and design provides artistic adequency education.