21 Kasım 2018 Çarşamba


Department of Performing Arts was founded under the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1997. There are three sub-branches such as “Acting”, “Dramatic Writing” and “Stage Design” under this department. Undergraduate program was arranged according to professional arts. The content of both practical and theoretical courses is determined considering the very latest improvements. Practice poses an important part of the undergraduate program. Considering the fact that audience is indispensable for acting, all courses are reinforced by performance. These performances are presented to the audience and there has been great effort to increase the number of performances each year.

Acting Department aims to train actors and actresses who have a great role in theatre. We believe that the students who take the courses “Psychology”, “Sociology”, “Theories and History of World Drama”, “Dramaturgy”, “History of Turkish Drama” besides “Movement”, “Sound”, “Intonation”, “Dance “, “Intonation”, “Dance”, “Fencing” and “Role” as the requirements for the Acting Department will make a considerable contribution to the Turkish Theatre.