21 Kasım 2018 Çarşamba



Textile and Fashion Design Training which's including a lot of disciplines of art and science, aims to train professional artists in Weaving, Printing Fabric, Fashion and Accessories Design branches. Here are some of the employment areas of the graduates.


1. Public or privately owned textile factories or in independent design studio to work as Textile Designer (Weaving Designer, Printing Fabric Designer, Apparel Designer, Fashion-Accessory Designer).

2. Department of Textile and Fashion Design at the University staff training. 


This program aims to train students for four years; by providing technical and aesthetic knowledge and skills for them on the issues of Weaving Design, Printing Fabric Design, Apparel Design, and Fashion Design in the textile sector besides training creative and productive designers. The students getting knowledge by one of the training programmes graduate in order to contribute to the need in the related field. Common purposes of training programmes are to transfer the skill into communication tool, to create original patterns and to integrate art and industry. Besides four-year training and vocational design courses; the programme, supported by various art and science conferences, seminars, technical trips and apprenticeship, is completed by a diploma project. First two years the students take common vocational courses and after the third year they elect one of the branches of Weaving Design, Print Design, Apparel Design, Fashion and Accessories Design