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2th International Arda Kanpolat Theatre Festival

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Suleyman Demirel University 
2th International Arda Kanpolat Theatre Festival (SDUIAKTF)
Isparta - TURKEY
02 - 06 May 2016


SDU International Arda Kanpolat Theatre Festival, arranged by SDU Fine Arts Faculty-Department of Performance Arts, is going to be held between the dates May  02 th - May 06 th., 2016 for five days.

Aim of the Festival: To form a true artistic culture through ‘Arda Kanpolat Acting Award’ given regularly since the year 2006 in memory of Arda Kanpolat, a theatre player who died young; to develop individual sensitivities by sharing the responsibilities brought by social life; to create a detailed impression in the field of acting by supporting young theatre artists and to organize intercultural dialogue by bringing Turkish Theatre together with world theatres at international level. In addition, in the scope of the festival, to constitute a theatre platform for the sides who learn and teach theatrical education so that they could share their knowledge and experience through extra activities such as workshop, dialogue desk etc. aiming at developing creativity and supporting education and to ensure the meeting of high quality plays with the spectator in the vicinity of Isparta by supporting the development of theatre in Turkey.


- Please fill up the application form at the Festival in English language (provide all the information about the visitors programme, author, artistic director, achievements of the group and s.o).
- Performance  - no more than 1 hour;
- Photo of the group;
- Photo of the artistic director;
- Number of the participants (totally with the students and lectures) no more than 10 people.

We need all this information until the 20th of March, 2016.
Please sent this information by e-mail: mustafkayabasi@gmail.com

Suleyman Demirel University International Arda Kanpolat Theatre Festival SDUAKTF In Isparta, between May 02 - 04 May, 2016,  II.International Arda Kanpolat Theatre Festival is going to be held. Distinguished plays are going to be performed by the acting department students.

The SDUAKTF welcomes submissions of any kind of stage play, musical or otherwise, new or revived, mainstream or focused on an ethnic or cultural niche.

SDUAKTF is for anyone who wants to get involved with drama schools and theatre artists. It is a place where the most inspirational work from diverse, young and emerging artists is celebrated and presented with workshops from leading professionals from around the world.

Performing Arts Department of Fine Faculty
Suleyman Demirel University

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e-mail address: mustafkayabasi@gmail.com